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4 Simple Ways UX Designers Can Boost Their Presence Internally

Nathan Allsopp
February 11, 2018

The typical User Experience (UX) process is incredibly valuable.

Identifying problems, learning business requirements, crafting personas, interviewing users, wireframing and so on…

These tasks not only help designers craft a snazzy interface that suits the context, but are also valuable for the entire business.

Using the outcomes and learnings of your UX process is a great way to boost your profile internally.

Here’s how.

1— Promote the users

Spending a lot of time researching and forming personas means you come to have a deep understanding of that product’s users.

Use your deep knowledge of the user to promote the user’s needs throughout the company. Click to tweet.

Driving a focus on the user company-wide not only helps ensure that efforts remain relevant to user needs, but also help to position yourself as the user expert.

This doesn’t mean pin a badge on your shirt or wave a flag.

Focus on expanding your presence by promoting the user first.

2— Lend your expertise to other teams/projects

Often, various teams are running “micro” projects that may have unchecked impacts on users.

For teams not interacting often with users, judging the implications of different decisions may be difficult.

You can use your knowledge here to jump in, discuss various impacts and suggest what courses of action are deemed most user-friendly.

Other times, it may not be primarily user-driven.

Teams may be looking for new processes to better tackle projects or form solutions. They may want to obtain a deeper user understanding, and so your personas may be suitable material to look over.

This way, you keep a well-rounded understanding of the company’s entire UX efforts — but also ensure that no decisions slip through the cracks that may impact your user’s experience.

3 — Show other teams what you’re creating

When you’re stuck interviewing or using Sketch all day, often the only people that end up hearing about you’re doing are direct managers or close colleagues.

However, as you progress through new revisions or features, keep other teams updated. Hearing about new plans is one thing, but seeing visual progress is another.

Show them what you’re doing, let them get excited and visually see progress. Click to tweet.

I’ve seen the difference in people’s eyes between having a conversation about a new idea versus showing them the visuals. Visual progress is a great way to inspire people!

4— Find ways to track your business impact

Tracking your efforts through metrics is a great way to show off your progress to others, but also give yourself a way to measure your own progress.

For example, test results that led to decisions driving up engagement or sign ups are a great way to show the impacts you’ve made.

Sometimes it won’t be clear what metric is suitable, or how to track the outcome — so don’t be afraid to ask! Click to tweet

If you’re not sure, seek out other teams or people and see if they have ideas. Sit down with managers and see what design/design-related metrics they are interested in keeping an eye on.

Thanks for reading!

Nathan Allsopp is a Sydney-based Product Designer/Manager.

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