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Great User Experiences Are a Team Effort

Nathan Allsopp
February 2, 2018

Designers spend countless hours building great user experiences.

Personas. Wireframing. Prototyping. User testing. Pleasing visual design. A/B testing. More user testing. Changes.

The great experiences that many products end up with are often thanks to such efforts from UX designers.

However, great experiences are also a team effort.

As users, we want every aspect of our interaction with a product to be pleasing — from sign in to payment, cancellations, support and more.

We want everything to be as simple as using the product. Perceptions can quickly change after one poor experience with a poor support service or cancellation request.

Alone, UX designers can’t do all of this. They can help direct the strategy and provide insights, but —

We need a team effort.

That means across the entire company, we need to have user experience front of mind.

So, what teams do we need to help in order to drive user experience from all angles?

Customer Support

When something goes wrong for a user or they can’t figure something out, the first place they are likely to turn to is the support team.

One part is how the user can seek the company’s help with issues. From an experience perspective, we need to consider —

When problems arise, how can users access help? What channel makes the most sense — phone, email, in-app, live chat?What types of problems/requests are coming through?How long does it take to help users solve problems? Are we collecting feedback on outcomes?

The other part is enabling users to help themselves. Why? A study from Zendesk highlights 67% of people would prefer to solve their own problems over speaking to a rep.

It’s all about the experience. If that’s how some users wish to solve their problems, we should enable this.


Talk to Support. Find any patterns of repetition — are there similar requests coming through?Are we able to change or fix something that can ease these problems?Document repetitive cases and utilise a knowledge portal and document repetitive cases that will allow users to read for themselves.

Sales/Customer Success Teams

The company’s Sales team is always speaking to customers, and have many opportunities to provide the User Experience team with valuable feedback.

We can learn a lot about what customers do and don’t like through Sales teams.

You don’t need to take up their whole day asking for insights, but utilise Sales team feedback to further bolster your research.

You might just even make their lives easier.

Feedback that leads to changes can help the product, but also make that customer/prospect feel valued as their input is being acted on.Many businesses believe that UX can help improve sales

Insights into a sales team can also help ensure that expectations are being managed.

If A is what is being built, but B is what is being pitched to a customer — someone’s going to end up disappointed.

Take the time to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Product Management

Product Managers need to find the perfect balance between overwhelming and underwhelming.

As a product grows, existing features may need to be expanded or new ones added.

However, at each step of the way, care needs to be taken as to how much functionality is being given to users.

Overloading users with features too-far removed from the original problem, or that confuse the product’s purpose, can impact upon a user’s experience.

New features may be being added, but are old ones still relevant? Do they need to be changed to fit a changing context better?

Illustrations via UnDraw.co


Like UX teams, marketers have a keen focus on the customer.

They want to put the right product in the user’s hands, delight them and keep them as a customer.

The research and insights that Marketing gets from research and various campaigns are great ways to add value to user experience.

Such research is a great way to tell you how your experience is tracking.

If you are providing an ordinary experience, people might not always tell you — but they might just Tweet about it.

Marketing also relies on having a great experience for a range of reasons.

They want engagement — and having a great experience is a good way to achieve thatThey want search rankings — and UX can help thatThey want to be able to advertise their product’s awesome experience — they want to show competitive advantages to their audience

So, next time you set out to create a great user experience — encourage a team effort

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