Able Hot Water

Bringing a local plumbing business' website up to speed.


About the Project

Over the course of 30 years in business, Able's website had failed to keep up with the changing times - having last been updated in the early 2000's. With referrals and word-of-mouth being the primary Marketing channels for the business, they didn't want anything fancy - but recognised they needed an upgrade from their current setup.

Recognising their website and digital presence may be a bit out-dated, Able was looking for a digital refresh with something modern that reflected their trustworthiness - which includes over 10,000 jobs completed across Sydney and over 30 years in business.

Able's current website 😲

My Proposal

After interviewing John and understanding what he was looking for, I identified the following assumptions that would help me craft my proposal.

  • Most of the company's business is done face-to-face, through clients that had used Able earlier
  • Many people that contact Able don't know what their problems are, and they like to physically talk to an expert to understand
  • The demographic is generally older, and less inclined to use technology to book online

With this in mind, I proposed a clean and simple responsive website that focuses less on online booking functionalities and more on bringing the social proof points to life for potential customers using the website as a 'sounding board' before calling to arrange an appointment.


Web Design
Webflow Development


Responsive Website
Website Designs

See it for yourself

Coming soon!

My Approach


With a plan in mind, I set out to define a clear structure for the website - mainly identifying the key pages that would make up a sitemap that is not too complicated to navigate, but comprehensive enough to rank on various important Plumbing SEO keywords.

Having researched a range of key competitors in the area local to Able, the common services that all businesses were focusing on became clear. Furthermore, it became clear there were key local councils near Able's home base that were focus areas.

From there, I interviewed John (Founder at Able) to explore what services and locations were important to the business. After a long discussion, we were able to define:

  • Key locations that were important from a business perspective to focus on, of which each will have a dedicated page for SEO purposes
  • Able's most important services (and their priorities), allowing me to see which ones needed their own pages and to be showcased in the designs
  • A clean and minimal design was preferred, with less focus on online bookings and more on the company's 'social proof' - over 30 years in business, industry accreditations and so forth,

With this in mind, we decided to use the number of calls coming from the website to Able's landlines as the KPI for defining success on the new website build.





Colors, Typography, Icons and Components

With a sitemap, wireframes and strategy defined for the Able website, I started off the design process by defining the colour palette.

Using the existing brand Red, I used an additional orange (anlogous colour for Red) to supplement the primary red. This helps ensure the design does not become a red-overload, but the overall design feels in the 'red direction' of the Able brand. For the circumstances where they are warranted, I further added the usual success/information/warning/neturals colours to give the design visual balance.

Able's website color palette

To compliment the clean colour scheme, I decided to use a popular sans-serif font called Manrope. This minimal, semi-condensed font offers a very clean and elegant look that suits the brand.

Able's website typography.

To top things off, I licensed a set of Plumbing icons from along with the Material Design Icons set for generic UI icons.

In terms of website components, I designed and developed the key components to increase the development speed and ensure consistency across pages.

Able's website components.


Final Designs and Screens

Final screens and website coming soon!

Client Feedback

"It was great to work with Nathan. We've created a great outcome, and looking forward to getting the website live soon!"

John Burke


Founder & Owner