Able Hot Water

Bringing a local plumbing business' website up to speed

June 2021

Image of finished product

This case study isn't quite finished – full version coming soon.

This project is sensitive, and hence only a high-level summary is provided here. To learn more, please get in touch.

Able Plumbing & Hot Water is a local plumbing company in my hometown area. They've been in business since 1994 and, generally, work in an offline-heavy fashion.

I was engaged through word-of-mouth to help the company deliver a facelift to their old website.

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Webflow Development
UI Design
UX Design


Responsive Website
Clickable Prototypes


Coming soon!


Over the course of 20+ years in business, Able's website had failed to keep up with the times. The last time they seriously updated the website was early 2000, built entirely on Flash.

Appreciating an ever-growing number of customers were looking the company up on Google, Able's need was simple – a website, that would work on all types of devices.

My Work


I started off by interviewing John to get a better sense of the Able Hot Water business, and their customers.

  • Most business is through returning customers (some for 10+ years!), or referrals from loyal customers.
  • Diagnosing plumbing jobs remotely is hard – a site visit is often required.
  • Many people don't know what they need when something is wrong. They like to feel comfortable in the hands of an Expert.
  • Going into someone's house to undertake a job is quite an intimate activity. Trustworthiness and comfort is crucial.
  • Different jobs generally have different price brackets, and distance travelled for different jobs needs to be considered.

Information Architecture & Wireframing

Given the company had a relative 'no-fuss' approach to their needs, I proposed a structure that spent more time focusing on Locations and Services instead of lower-priority pages.

This was done to maximise SEO opportunities for people searching for particular Services or Locations – i.e. 'broken toilets sydney'.

Able's sitemap

After agreeing on the sitemap, I tucked into a few wireframes to setup my designs before moving forward in Figma.

Examples of wireframes for Able.


It was great to work with Nathan. We've created a great outcome, and looking forward to getting the website live soon!


John Burke

Founder & Owner