Daily UI

Design activities undertaken during my spare time to enhance my UI design skills.

January 2017

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This project is sensitive, and hence only a high-level summary is provided here. To learn more, please get in touch.

The Daily UI Challenge is a community-driven set of 100 design challenges, over 100 days.

During my early days of learning UI design, the diverse range of situations that Daily UI provided was a huge help as I was mastering tools like Sketch, inVision, Adobe XD and Figma.

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UI Design
UX Design
Usability Testing (Maze)


User Interfaces


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The Daily UI Challenge is not so much a project, but rather a design challenge that involves designing 100 unique interfaces & interface elements over 100 days (1 per day).

I undertook this challenge during my early days when I was simply learning about UI/UX design to boost my skills, and since I have during spare time re-done a few of the challenges to reflect on my progress over time.

The aim of the project was really to expose participants to a wide range of unique design scenarios that would be highly beneficial for those learning. I successfully completed all 100 days (within 100 days!)

Given this is not a usual design project, this overview of the project may not be as detailed as others.

My Work

daily ui 82 - form iphone mockup
Day 82 – Form.
daily ui 50 iphone mockup
Daily UI 50 – Job Listing
Day 42 (Tasks List) and Day 24 (Onboarding).
Day 33 – Customize Product
Day 22 (Search Hint) and Day 24 (Boarding Pass)
Day. 11 (Success) and Day 18 (Analytics Chart)

Day 92 (FAQ) and Day 67 (Hotel Booking).
Day 90 – Add New
Daily UI 58 (Shopping Cart).
Day 46 (Invoice)


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