Regarding Play

Building a service to change the way people interact with sports venues and sessions in their local area.


About the Project

Note: Full case study coming soon!

Regarding Play was born by the founder, Ary Marfavi, as a solution to a simple problem in his area - if you wanted to play a game of tennis, you had to grab your phone, call the guy and physically bring $20 in cash down just to book a court.

Spotting an obvious hole in the Australian market, Ary engaged me to help shape up his wireframes and initial designs he had proposed for the platform. Given the platform was not yet live, having crisp clickable prototypes and mockups was highly important in generating initial interest for potential clients and users.


My Proposal

After exploring the ideas of what the business wanted to become, and where it was going, it became clear a key project of interest to me.

Essentially, Regarding Play was aiming to be a two-sided marketplace - bringing sports venue owners and sports players together. As a result, I leaned on my Product Management skills to drive the design requirements by proposing a simple process to ideate and refine on only the absolutely critical features that would launch with the MVP.

  • Ideate and rank a list of all potential features by researching competitors, asking Tennis contacts and through brainstorming
  • Look at each and every feature and come out with a final list of only the features that are absolutely necessary to get to market
  • Jot out a sitemap and wireframe out the key screens, and iteratively work through any issues
  • Get a high-fidelity prototype going to take to potential demos and client meetings

As a result of this process, I proposed joining the founding team as the lead UI/UX Designer and Product Manager.


Competitive Analysis
Product Management
UI Design
UX Design
Web Design


Competitor Comparisons
Design System
User Interfaces
Website Designs

See it for yourself

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My Approach






Colors, Typography, Icons and Components



Final Designs and Screens

Client Feedback