Regarding Play

Building a responsive web service to more efficiently connect people with sports sessions in their local area.

Before picking up any tools, I took the time to sit with the founder and understand what the company is trying to achieve through their product, as well as the overall experience they want to deliver. With this in mind, I looked at competing products to identify what was being offered in the market and what their general shortcomings were.

With some background research done, I started by constructing personas for the product's key user groups. This helped me to make more informed design decisions whenever questions arose during the project.

I drew up a simple sitemap to visualise the various user flows for the entire team. This scaffold allowed the entire team to visualise the site layout, as well as provide the development team a starting place in terms of what pages and routes they would require when constructing the front-end.
Small example of sitemap
From here, I began working on a series of wireframes for various pages so the team could get a quick understanding of page layouts without needing to spend too much time doing high-fidelity designs first.