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The Daily UI is a task I completed during my early days a designer in order to become better familiar with design situations that I may not have yet faced at the time.

I completed the project through the design community on Twitter at the time, posting my regular updates and seeking feedback from other designers on where I could improve.

Years later, it still remains one of the most popular Daily UI collections on Behance – with over 13,000 views!


Day #82 – design a form.
Day #50 – job listing.
Day #42 (tasks list) and #24 ( onboarding flow).
Day #33 – product customisation flow.
Day #22 (search hint) and #24 (boarding pass)
Day #11 (success) and #18 (analytics chart)
Day #92 (FAQ) and #67 (hotel booking)


I completed the 100 day design challenge, and was able to deliver 100 unique designs during that time!

Furthermore, my project has become one of the most viewed projects on Behance for the Daily UI – you can view my full project here.

Daily UI

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